Michael Myers will continue to stalk victims, only now with a new study.

Miramax is looking for a new studio to whom to sell the franchise rights Halloweenafter finalizing the three-picture deal signed with Universal Pictures y Blumhousewho made with director David Gordon Green, Halloween, Halloween Killsand finally Halloween Ends, the latter released in theaters in October 2022. The one promoted as “the final battle” between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, was nothing more than that, the last face to face between Jamie Lee Curtis and her nemesis. This feature film marked the thirteenth in the franchise Halloween.

However, it was known and announced that the Miramax IP would continue with future projects with a different house.

According to reports from Bloody Disgusting, there is a “massive war to get the rights right now, with different interested parties.”

“Sources have also indicated that Miramax is open to film and television projects, and are currently accepting offers from both studios and streamers.”

Notably Halloween He has never had a project for the small screen before. Could a TV series be a better option? Which studio or streamer would you like to take over?

Source: https://cine3.com/miramax-busca-nuevo-estudio-para-futuros-proyectos-de-halloween/

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