Last May, when our master-monster-guru Rita Lee Jones left this grim plane towards the stars, I spent a few days down, revisiting her vast work, dehydrating and thinking about recording a program in her honor.

I was going to make the stop in a chronological and documentary scheme, from Os Mutantes until at least the mid-80s, but as I don’t work like that, I was guided by emotions, I didn’t research anything, I didn’t write a script and so the result is the one you hear below the list of songs played.

Thank you for existing, Rita ❤️

PS: Don’t be surprised by the names listed, it’s an attempt to not have the podcast blocked by mixcloud

O’Six – Apocalypse

Tutti Frutti – Dancing so as not to dance

Os Mutantes – I’m a little disconnected

Jorge Ben – My girl

Rita Lee – I will save myself

The Mutants – Two thousand and one

The Mutants – Magic

Rita Lee Jones – Lady babel

Rita, Sergio, Arnaldo and Cláudio – The vigilante

Rita and Irmãos Baptista – Sorry, Babe

Pompeii Gang – Don’t get lost there

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