No Suits In Miami «Buffy» – Today I’m going back to the (former) core competence of my blog, namely indie pop from Scandinavia. The Swedish band No Suits In Miami has been around for a few years, last year they released their new album «Nothing Ever Happens», which offers a nice mix of guitar pop with a slight wave touch.

And best of all: No Suits will be on 1. Juli live in Hamburg be visible! As part of the always very worthwhile Hit the North-Series they play from 8:30 p.m. in the Astra Stube; The opening act is The Iron Lung Quintet from Hamburg.

Hitsujibungaku «Fool» – From the Japanese bands, Hitsujibungaku (sheep literature) are almost something of a classic for me, since they were among the first acts from Japan to cross my path 3 years ago. Their new single is great and proves that they are one of the coolest indie rock bands out there right now.


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