Of Post-plague – last album Odon’s Odon’s that passed through here – until now, the duo Constantin Tzenos and Denholm Whale never stops taking their music to ever darker and more electronic places.

The duo that started as a one-man project (Tzenos) in the company of some musicians/friends (including Whale) back in 2010 and which at the time was still basically a rock band, over the years transformed into into the metamorphosed and hybrid sound mass that it is now.

Last June they invited some artists of whom they are fans and/or road partners to continue this constant evolution and thus was born ICONthe little disk that runs in the player just below this small text.

A Place to Bury StrangersTobacco, Terror Bird, Actors, DIRECTION And Patriarchy joined forces with Odonis Odonis on 6 tracks that cover the Canadian duo’s diverse influences: industrial, EMB, noise, post-punk, darkwave, psych; with each of the guests adding their ingredients to the hosts’ recipe at After Hours, a studio that Constantin Tzenos set up to free himself from the constraints of the music industry and thus continue to give shape to his ideas. May it continue like this.

Listen to the stalk!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/09/22/odonis-odonis-icon-2023/

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