We're fans of clever marketing campaigns here. When we thought that viral marketing achieved by projects Cloverfield were forgotten by the studios, we came across a mysterious promotion for the horror film Longlegs by Neon, which has done a great job ahead of its theatrical release next July.

Y Longlegs He already has company.

In recent hours, the promotional material for a new album by a singer named Skye Riley has gone viral, call it billboards, spectacular giants on popular avenues like Sunset Boulevard, and even a profile for said singer on social networks like Instagram and X/Twitter.

The funny thing is that Skye Riley is not a real singer. Everything seems to suggest that she will be the character who Naomi Scott will be performing in Smile 2the long-awaited sequel to the biggest horror hit of 2022, Smilewith the return of the writer and director Park Finn.

Con premiere of smile 2 fixed in cinemas for October 18, 2024Paramount Pictures comes alive and begins the marketing campaign for one of the most anticipated films by the horror genre fan audience in an ingenious way.

In addition to the billboards and billboards, the social media accounts of “Skye Riley” published a small lyric video promoting the singer's new single “Blood on White Satin”, which also contains brief images. The lyrics of the song could be telling us more than we think.

By the way, the marketing reveals that the single will be released on June 18, so a teaser or trailer for the sequel could very well be revealed that day. Pay attention.

We leave the lyrics translated into Spanish here:

It could be a tragedy
Devastation right in front of me
Am I a future disaster waiting to happen?
Like blood on white
Part the sea, just get out of my way
I'm holding a glass cup, my hand might break
something so physical
A disaster waiting to happen
Like blood on satin

In addition to Scott, the cast features the return of Kyle Gallnerand new additions to the franchise, Lukas Gage (The White Lotus, Road House), Rosemarie DeWitt (The Staircase, Little Fires Everywhere), Dylan Gelula (Dream Scenario), Raul Castillo (Army of the Dead, Class of ’09), y Miles Gutiérrez-Riley (The Wilds).


The first details about the plot were previously announced from CinemaCon 2024, where it is mentioned that Scott's character, a music celebrity, would be dragged to hell after an encounter in her dressing room with a man (Gage) who smiled at her in a creepy way..

The original delivery, Smilewritten and directed by Finn, made a box office of more than $217 million with a budget of $17 million, with a good reception from critics and audiences, which is why Paramount did not think twice and launched the film. sequel smile 2.

Smile It marked Finn's debut as a feature film writer-director. He previously wrote and directed the short films The Hidebehind (2018), y Laura Hasn’t Slept (2020), the latter was precisely the inspiration to create Smile (here you can see the short film).

Finn subsequently signed a multi-year first-look deal with Paramount, with the sequel one of the priorities. Parker will script, produce and direct projects in the horror genre through this agreement with the studio. This agreement does not include the recently announced remake of Possession that the filmmaker will do with Robert Pattinson, although Paramount is in the bidding to acquire his rights along with other major Hollywood studios.

The plot of Smile revolves around Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon), whose patient dies in front of her after telling her about a horror she witnessed that made her smile chillingly. Whatever she saw, she apparently passes it on to Rose, a la movies like The Ring, The Grudge, It Follows. From this moment, Rose begins to experience horrible events that she cannot explain, and she must confront her disturbing past in order to survive and escape her new and horrible reality.

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