Continuing the mission of uploading as a podcast the editions of the 2023 season of Pequenos Clássicos Perdidos radio version, broadcast weekly on Fridays on Rádio Armazém (7pm), on Tuesdays on Electric Radio (9pm) and on Thursdays on Internova Rádio Web (9pm), today We arrived here with not one, but two episodes: 29th and 30th, the last ones from last year.

On the 29th, fourteen new tracks from seven bands that I listened to a lot between January and December 2023; already in the 30th, some small tributes to my daughter (get ready hahahaha), Massive Attack before it was Massive Attack, Macca in samba rock, Curtindo a Vida Adoidado and so on.

Below are the lists of songs played in these episodes and below are the links to listen to them.

Safe trip!

Episode 29

Witching Waves – Visions of you

Witching Waves – Open a hole

neverminds – Last summer

neverminds – Somewhere

AEROFALL – Lose ends

AEROFALL – Crystal

Castlebeat – Wish

Castlebeat – Nothing

Unschooling – The goose

Unschooling – Brand new stomr

Drop Nineteens – Another one another

Drop Nineteens – The price was high

Odonis Odonis – No one left (feat. Actors)

Odonis Odonis – Beast (feat. Tobacco)

No Mixcloud


Episode 30

Taryn Szpilman – I am free

Wild Bunch – The look of love

Wild Bunch – Any love

Anittinha – Embracing differences

Underworld – Universe of can when back

Shocking Blue – Lovebuzz

Lipps Inc.- Funkytown

Paul McCartney – Check my machine

Four Seasons – Beggin’

Any Gabrielly – Knowing who I am

Voidoids – Blank generation

The Flowerpot Men – Beat city

Yellow – Oh yeah

Ramones – Merry christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight)

Breeders – New year

No Mixcloud


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