Continuing the mission of uploading as a podcast the editions of the 2024 season of Pequenos Clássicos Perdidos radio version, broadcast weekly on Fridays on Rádio Armazém (7pm), on Tuesdays on Electric Radio (9pm) and on Thursdays on Internova Rádio Web (9pm), today We arrive here with not one, but two episodes: the 7th and 8th.

And following the path of this original and written version of PCP, in the programs the path will be to escape the flood of releases and look for hidden treasures in the underworld of music from years or decades ago, always exploring all its aspects and exchanging that idea with listeners. as if we were in a bar.

Below are the lists of songs played in these episodes and below are the links to listen to them.

Safe trip!

Episode 07

Rakta – Daughters of fire

Alien Sex Fiend – E.S.T

Age 8 – Armageddon

Underworld – Pearl’s girl

LFO – Tied up

Mother Love Bone – Stardog champion

Neds Atomic Dustbin – Gray cell green

EMF – Long summer days

Italia 90 – Cult

MC 900 Ft Jesus – Real black jesus

No Mixcloud


Episode 08

Chemical Brothers – The darkness that you fear

Maceo Plex – You’re my desire

Klinik – Moving hands

Crippled Pilgrims – People going nowhere

Pink Military – Spellbound

Pink Plastic & Panties – Bla bla

Radiohead – Idiot

Neon Judgement – The fashion party

Boy Harsher – Pain

Melochrome – All the jeans in the world

Porno for Pyros – Cursed female

Boo Radleys – Hip clown rag

No Mixcloud


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