A few weeks ago I read somewhere that the Velvet Underground It’s an overrated band. Look, saying that the fucking Velvet Underground is overrated makes people fall out of their ass, doesn’t it? In short, everyone has their own truth and their own taste, which in the end is like shit, everyone has their own and knows what they do with it. But enough about the ass.

Around here we love the Velvets, so much so that last month they played on our virtual record player a tribute to them organized by Hal Willner with the presence of Thurston Moore & Bobby Gillespie, Kurt Ville, Sharon Van Etten and others rereading the mythical ‘banana record’ and today, two weeks later, we present another tribute to Lou and co., but not just any tribute.

When we printed the first Feelies album on our pages We highlighted, among other things, the influence of VU on the guys, so it’s time to prove this statement by A+B. On October 13, 2018, Glenn Mercer, Bill Million, Brenda Sauter, Stanley Demeski and Dave Weckerman took the stage at White Eagle Hall, in New Jersey, and in a short 71 minutes paid their tribute to Velvet playing 18 of their songs.

The double album resulting from this presentation was released via Bar/None Records exactly five years later, on October 18th, and is this Some Kinda Love: Performing The Music Of The Velvet Underground which we shared on PCP in this cold beginning of November. Because in this case we love creator and creature, obviously Velvet and Feelies respectively.

The choice of songs to compose the show that would become an album seems a bit random, embracing with greater or lesser strength the 4 albums of the honorees, but what can be seen looking at the set is that the songs are more heady/experimental or ‘down’. (with the exception of “Oh! Sweet nuthin’”, which closes the package) were left out. The idea here is – or at least it seems to be – to celebrate the Velvets in their most exciting, most…jangle moments, as the Feelies have always been since the distant 70s in which they were born and helped create such…jangle pop (laughs) .

Bad jokes aside, we suggest turning up the volume, playing “Sunday Morning” and moving on loud and clear. Unless, of course, you think the Velvet Underground is overrated. In this case you can ir see fodder look for another site. Att.

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/11/01/the-feelies-some-kinda-love-performing-the-music-of-the-velvet-underground-2023/

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