A few months ago I discovered in the blessed randomness of the internet an independent Spanish label (from Valencia) called Flexidiscs and since then I have been – also randomly – visiting his Bandcamp page to get at least a glimpse of Spain's musical underworld.

During one of these passages, between a hardcore album, another synthpop album and so on, I came across this EP of the same name by a band called Fotocopia, which hooked me due to its name and cover; I then discovered that the band is actually just a figure called Teo Cid who, inspired by the 'do it yourself' motto of punk – where he came from – started producing experimental, danceable and heavy electronic music. If you thought about EBM/Industrial, you got a treat.

Is it innovative or revolutionary? Absolutely not, but it's awesome and has a track with the best surreal name of recent times (“Photo of a caballo sleeping in a pool of red liquid”). Below is the disc and then a video found on YouTube with a presentation by Cid, the Photocopy man.

Listen to it and when you're done, take a look at Flexidiscos' Bandcamp to catch up on what's outside the algorithm.

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2024/01/24/fotocopia-fotocopia-2023/

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