RAISE A SUILEN «HELL! or HELL? (live)» – okay, if you visit my blog in the hope of being presented with the latest indie acts, you can skip reading today. 😉 Because not only are the songs several years old, no, it’s also not indie music and it’s from Japan. My favorite song of the year starts, even if it is from December 2020. For me one of the best songs of the last ten years. The band is called RAISE A SUILEN, was founded for an anime and a computer game (although some of the young ladies were already in a band that served as a model for said anime), with the anime voices being spoken by the band members, which may sound strange to Western music listeners. Still, the music is very cool, very varied, very surprising and very Japanese in its eclecticism. The live performance is highly energetic, the girls’ joy of playing is contagious, and one can only say about the intro: if only Mogwai had experienced it… 🙂

FLOWER FLOWER «Mannequin» – for western ears this song is much easier to classify, which is more in the direction of indie rock and has a very nice dynamic and melody. Unfortunately, it’s already 4 years old, so it’s sort of an oldie, but still worth being presented here.

Source: https://coast-is-clear.blogspot.com/2022/08/raise-suilen-flower-flower.html

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