While it’s unfortunate that the ‘final girl’ of the slasher horror saga Scream, Neve Campbell won’t be back for the next installment Scream 6there is very good news regarding another of the original members of the franchise.

We talk about Courteney Coxthe other ‘final girl’ of the saga, who in the middle of last March, confirmed that she will be back in the sequel retaking her role as Gale Weathers, thus becoming the only original member to be in Scream 6. And not only that.

His participation in the next sequel will lead Cox to make history in horror movies: With her in the film, the record will be set as the first time a female has played a character appearing in six consecutive films in a horror franchise (via /Film).

  • Jamie Lee Curtis has played Laurie Strode a total of 7 times (Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween H20, Halloween Resurrection, Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills, y Halloween Ends) but on none of those occasions did he do it consecutively for more than 2 films, and 3 in the case of the most recent Blumhouse trilogy).
  • Jovovich mile played Alice in the six-movie saga of Resident Evil by Paul WS Anderson, however, with the passing of each film, the franchise left horror aside, leaning more towards action.

If Campbell were back for Scream 6the record would be implemented by both her and Cox.

As for which male actors hold this record: Christopher Lee (Dracula), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Warwick Davis (Leprechaun), Doug Bradley (Pinhead), Brad Dourif (Chucky), and Tobin Bell (Jigsaw). These characters have in common to be the villains of their respective franchises, while Cox’s Gale Weathers plays one of the heroines of hers. So, double record: first woman, first heroine in history.

Roger L. Jacksonwho lends his voice to Ghostface in the entire saga, has not been confirmed to do so in Scream 6although it is almost obvious that he will do it, so when this becomes official, he will also join the exclusive club mentioned in the paragraph above.

While Campbell’s absence has been the most talked about topic of the upcoming sequel, the film will be a chance to see Gale Weathers at the center of the story, and cement herself in horror film history as an icon. After all, she has been one of the best-developed characters in the franchise, in which she started out as an opportunistic reporter, growing up to become an all-out hero.

Source: https://cine3.com/el-regreso-de-courteney-cox-a-scream-6-hace-historia-en-el-cine-de-terror/

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