Hello all friends of Movieblog and welcome to a new review of your favorite online site. Today we are here to talk about a film that is enjoying some success at the box office (nearly one and a half million takings) and among the audience, The Menu from Mark Mylod.

Trama The Menu

The plot of the film is simple: a young lover of haute cuisine takes his “girlfriend” to a super exclusive dinner hosted by an acclaimed chef on a desert island. The dinner considered by the chef himself, a celestial culinary experience, will also be consumed by other rich and powerful diners and everyone in a small room, right in front of the kitchen, will prepare to taste dishes prepared by the chef’s army of trusted and workaholic collaborators . But no one knows that behind this event there will be unexpected and traumatic surprises. In the chef’s premeditated project, however, an unexpected and annoying factor will emerge that he will have to solve in order to respect his initial plans.

Cast The Menu

The film is choral and boasts a top-level cast with leading names from the Hollywood star system: Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, Hong Chau e John Leguizamo. Among all, however, the protagonist stands out, the “girlfriend”, Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of Margot who pulls a largely convincing performance out of the hat, managing to return both the initial mystery that covers his character and his social unease as the film progresses. A round of applause, however, also goes to the legendary Ralph Fiennesthe chef, who as always when it comes to playing cube characters, macabre, solemn and out of his mind (Voldemort from Harry Potter above all) brings out the best of himself, managing to give goosebumps to the viewer in the room.

Film script

At the screenplay we have the filmmaker Adam McKay (famous to most for being the director of Don’t Look Up con Leonardo Dicaprio e The big bet con Christian Bale) who manages to write an excellent horror-comedy that in 107 minutes of duration never bores the viewer, managing to keep him always breathing down his neck for what may or may not happen from one moment to the next. McKay he manages very well to match the horror genre with comedy, managing to understand when one is needed and when the other and even the writing of the characters manages to be original by giving us diners, each with his own personality, his own story and his way of reacting to what is happening. Drama, satire and horror actually manage to alternate perfectly like in a relay race, where if one gets off to a good start, the other then has the road already paved.

Personal opinion

The Menu it is an irreverent, funny, dramatic and macabre film at the same time, a comedy-horror that does not disappoint and takes the viewer on a ride of emotions. The characters are all well characterized and each of them manages to capture the viewer’s attention when the camera focuses on him. The film, however, in addition to entertaining with ease (time seems to fly) also manages to make a social critique of a certain part of society, teasing and not a little the new aristocracy and the nouveau riche of this world.

It also manages to parody a certain type of gourmet cuisine, based more on experience and theatricality than on effective and concrete quality, but above all quantity, of the food in front of you. The Menu it is a film that is aimed at various targets, young people, lovers of the satirical genre and those of the horror genre and why not, even those who are looking for a critical analysis of current society and certain people in a film, albeit a commercial one which are part of it.

Friends of Movieblog therefore there is only one thing left to do after reading this review, go to the cinema to see this splendid and original film.

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