Prime Video has published the first trailer of his next series reality television James Bond 007: Road to a Million. Yes, the James Bond franchise has resorted to this.

The series is hosted by Succession star Brian Cox, who controls “the fate of the program’s contestants in a Bond-style race around the world hoping to win prize money of 1 million pounds ($1.2 million). Among the 007-inspired destinations they visit are the Scottish Highlands, Venice and Jamaica.”

There are nine pairs of James Bonds hopefuls facing off against challenges inspired by the iconic spy. Cox says in the video: “I’ve put real people into a James Bond adventure to win a million pounds. The only thing standing in their way is me.”

The project is a collaboration between Eon, Amazon Studios, 72 Films and MGM Alternative. Eon Productions owns the rights to James Bond and it is the first time it has allowed intellectual property to be used in unscripted television.

Barbara Broccoli, director of Eon, said: “People have always proposed to us to make a television program, [diciendo] ‘Oh, you should do a Bond challenge.’ But we have always stayed away because We didn’t want to put people in danger. and make them do dangerous things, because it is not for the general public, but for qualified professionals.

It sounds like it would be fun to be on the show. But I don’t usually watch this type of reality show. So maybe try to participate. 007: Road to a Million will premiere on Prime Video on November 10.


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