The 1981 horror film Possessionby Polish filmmaker Andrzej Żuławski, will undergo a remake by Parker Finnscreenwriter and director of the horror hit Smiley Robert Pattinson as a producer.

According to THR reports, Finn will be the screenwriter, director and producer of the remake which is already generating a bidding war by studios such as A24, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros., to acquire its rights.

The source explains:

“The process is in the early stages and, according to sources, there will be meetings this week and other companies may come into play.”

“Reception of presentations [del proyecto] has been extremely positive, with executives talking about the story's crazy story, but also its strong commercial potential. How to market the eventual film is also part of the conversations.”

At the moment there is no information on other details, since as mentioned, the project is in the early stages of development.

Finn produces with his company Bad Feeling, and Pattinson with his company Icki Eneo Arlo. Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment is another producer.

Pattinson's involvement is limited to his role as producer. Once the script and agendas are clearer, it will be known if he will also be part of the cast.

The plot of the original film is set in West Berlin. Sam Neill plays the lead role as a spy who returns home from the countryside with his wife (Isabella Adjani) and his son. All is not calm on the marital front when the wife files for divorce and the couple descends into a destructive cycle that not only includes infidelity and neglect, but leads to murder, an alien creature with tentacles and doppelgangers.

Possession It was a co-production of Germany and France, and was not a big hit upon its theatrical release in 1981, however, it achieved cult film status over time, and gained a large following of fans.

Finn is currently in post-production on Smile 2sequel to the biggest horror hit of 2022, Smilewhich marked his feature film debut.

Pattinson's most recent film is The Batman (2022). In 2025 we will see it on the big screen with the premiere of Mickey 17 by Bong Joon Ho.


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