The acclaimed Netflix original series, Russian Dollwill launch its second season on April 20, 2022which is why the streamer revealed the first official full trailer, this after having released a teaser in early March.

In the first season, Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), was trapped in a time loop in which she relives her birthday in New York, and dies at the end of the party, although she appears again, without consequences, after each death.

In the second season, set four years after the events of season 1, Nadia finds herself lost in the New York City subway system, wondering “when” she will be. The clues begin to trickle in when she sees a poster for “Sophie’s Choice”and the questionable fashion of the 80s, proving that once again, she is a prisoner of time.“The universe, at last, gave me something worse than death,” she says. “I broke time”.

However, Alan (Charlie Barnett) wonders if maybe they have unfinished business, and Nadia’s family history points to a treasure of gold lost aboard a train. Let’s add it to one of the many inexplicable things that happen in her life.

You can find the trailer at the end of the note.


“Set four years after Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) and Alan (Charlie Barnett) escape together from the time loop of mortality, the second season of ‘Russian Doll’ will continue to explore existential themes through an often humorous and sci-fi lens.

Uncovering a fate even worse than endless death, this season finds Nadia and Alan delving into their pasts through an unexpected time portal set in one of Manhattan’s most notorious locations.. At first, they experience this as an ever-expanding, era-spanning, intergenerational adventure, but they soon discover that this extraordinary event might be more than they bargained for, and together, they must find a way out.”

The cast of the second season complement it Sharlto Copley (District 9, A-Team, Maleficent), Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) Y Carolyn Michelle Smith (Colony, House of Cards).

The first season debuted on the streaming service in February 2019 and was renewed for a second season in June of the same year. Russian Doll was nominated for the 2020 Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series (Lyonne), and for the 2019 Emmy in categories such as Best Comedy Series, Actress in a Comedy Series (Lyonne), Best Writing for a Comedy Series, Sound Mixing, Editing for Sound, Casting, Editing, raising the Emmy for Best Contemporary Costume, Photography, Production Design. In Cine3 We include it in our list of 15 series that will make you forget the running of the bulls. It is perfect for marathoning and having a good time.

Lyonne is the showrunner, co-creator and executive producer.this last task is shared with Amy Poehler, Leslye Headland, Alex Buono, Lilly Burns, Tony Hernandez, Dave Becky, Kate Arend, Regina Corrado, and Allison Silverman. Universal Television, Paper Kite Productions, JAX Media and 3 Arts Entertainment are the production companies.

The trailer for the second season of Russian Dollthen:


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