Changes continue within Warner Bros., same that have led some films to postpone their release, others to modify their release strategy, and others, like the case of the remake Salem’s Lot to run out of theatrical release date (via Bloody Disgusting).

The WB and New Line Cinema film had a theatrical release date of September 9, 2022, later, the new adaptation of the literary material of Stephen King set April 21, 2023 as a new release date, and now, it remains without a premiere.

Let’s remember that the WB studio is in the midst of a tumultuous turnover, and has been constantly changing its release schedule in recent days.

James Wan was announced as producer of the remake in April 2019, with Gary Dauberman as writer and director. Both great connoisseurs of the horror genre, and of King’s material: Wan is the creator of the Universe of The Conjuring, and producer of the adaptation –we believe it is still in development– of The Tommyknockers King’s; Dauberman has scripted titles from that universe such as Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, Annabelle Comes Home y The Nunand has adapted material from the horror master such as IT and the sequel IT: Chapter Two.

  • This will be Dauberman’s second feature film as director. His debut marked him Annabelle Comes Home.


Haunted by an incident from his childhood, author Ben Mears returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot in search of inspiration for his next book, only to discover that the town is under attack by a bloodthirsty vampire and his loyal servant. ”

  • Salem’s Lot (2023) sets its plot around 1975, when King’s book was first published.

The cast is made up Lewis Pullman (Catch-22, Top Gun: Maverick), Makenzie Leigh (The Assistant, Gotham), Alfre Woodard (The Gray Man, Luke Cage), Bill Camp (The Queen’s Gambit, The Outsider), John Benjamin Hickey (The Good Wife, The Good Fight), Nicholas Crovetti (Goodnight Mommy, Big Little Lies), Jordan Preston Carter (DMZ, Ms. Marvel), William Sadler (Hawaii Five-0, When They See Us), Spencer Treat Clark (Gladiator, Animal Kingdom), Cade Woodward (Hawkeye, Avengers: Endgame), Debra Christofferson (9-1-1), y Saw Asbaek (Uncharted, Game of Thrones).

King’s book, published in 1975, has been adapted twice for television. First in 1979 with the miniseries by Tobe Hooper. And later with the TNT miniseries in 2004 with Rob Lowe in the leading role. This is the first time that Salem’s Lot is adapted for the big screen.

titled Salem’s Lot Mystery o the hour of the vampire in the Spanish-speaking market, its plot focuses on the writer Ben Mears, who as a young man and for a childish bet, entered the Marsten’s house seeing something that still tormented him as an adult. Now, as an established writer and after the death of his wife, he has returned to Jerusalem’s Lot in the fictional town of Maine, a quiet and sleepy place where nothing extraordinary ever happened. Until the children began to disappear, the animals bled to death and the shock wave of horror emptied the town and left it to them. Whoever they were.

Some time after the publication of the novel, King expanded the story with the short stories Jerusalem’s Lot y One for the Road.

Roy Lee y Mark Wolper they join Wan as producers, with Dauberman serving as executive producer.


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