When it comes to bass music and sound system culture in Leipzig, there is no way around Bassmæssage. Now the crew behind it is releasing their second compilation – and having a party to go with it.

Since 2007, the Bassmæssage crew has had self-built sound systems set up in various locations and at irregular intervals and belts out deep dub and breaks basses. In addition to Jahtari, Rupture there was also an edition with Hardwax from Berlin. We have already presented the underlying culture of sound enthusiasts in detail. In 2015 the party series also became a label with a first compilation. But Bassmæssage doesn’t give in to classic expectations – and so it took eight years until catalog number 002 appeared.

“Second Drop” once again features various bass and drum facets as well as acts from the local and international scene. Six tracks, six different vibes. And yet they all fit into the Bassmæssage cosmos, which has always deliberately left itself with more scope.

The compilation starts with the fresh-sounding halftime track “Drip” by the UK duo Nuphlo & Bukkha, including spherical expanse and precisely interposed sounds. Leipzig’s Dj Badshape follows up with her playful, fresh melodies, backed by an initially subtle beat that later breaks out in a classic clattering manner. Wonderfully carefree and funky. The Austrian producer Sun People then brings a lot of warmth and depth to the compilation. As with his Defrostatica releases, he skillfully explores the boundaries between breakbeats, techno and footwork on “Rise Up”.

The B-side is the laidback side. Dub Across Borders sets his “Bass Tree Dream” to music with a dry, pressing bass drum, deep Dub bassline and reverberated sound research. The Estonian Paranoid One then devotes himself to his smooth-kicking, percussive arrangements, in the background of which a brass-like sound creates additional reverberations. Finally, Bhed, also known from releases on Row Records, dives into dubby, deep ambient worlds. A very good conclusion to a very successful label compilation.

On November 18, 2023, “Second Drop” will at best be available exclusively – at the release party in xxx (Connewitz). Another Bassmæssage highlight with three floors and DIY sound systems made from Toulose as well as the Leipzig Zoumo Soundsystem and Micro Messenger. The systems will be played by several live acts, including from Dresden, Berlin and more. Ask your local network for more.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/41647/second-drop-of-bassmaessage

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