It has been a long time since there has been such a widespread consensus between critics and audiences at the Sitges Festival about a film. It is true that it arrived in unbeatable condition, having won the last Venice festival and having garnered a large number of flattering national and international reviews. But the truth is that Yorgos Lanthimos is impeccable in poor creatureshas reached the maximum degree of cinematographic maturity, and has created what is surely the best film of all his cinematography.which we remember is full of great titles like Canine, The favorite o Lobster.

The two analogies that everyone is drawing with poor creatures They are as different as they are true. On the one hand, there is talk of a reinterpretation of the myth of Frankenstein, with Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe) in the role of Doctor Frankenstein and Bella Baxter (Emma Stone) in the role of the monster. Bella is born in circumstances similar to the Mary Shelley classic, in this case Dr. Baxter revives a woman who fell off a bridge by transplanting the brain of the daughter she had in her womb. In a way she is a much more twisted character, a mother with the brain of her daughter, who has to learn the whole world around her from scratch. It is here where Lanthimos’ creativity is most present, in the creation of a unique aesthetic universe, apparently similar to that developed in many Terry Gilliam films and with a personality that has nothing to envy of the worlds of the best Tim Burton. But not only the aesthetic section of the film is in a state of grace but above all the interpretation of its actors. Everyone is going to highlight how impeccable Emma Stone is in this film to the point of being the main candidate for the next Oscars. But it is worth highlighting the work of Willem Dafoe (in a character that seems written to suit him) and especially Mark Ruffalo in what is surely his best interpretation to date.

The second comparison that everyone is making of the movie is with Barbie. And not only because they are both the main candidates for the Oscars, but they both have a very similar narrative development. Barbie and Bella leave the world in which they have been trapped to discover themselves through exploration and interaction with different places and characters. Both have a comedic reading of female empowerment and despite being very different, they have a very familiar ending. Poor Things has known how to take risks and bet on a radical proposal that fits very well within the Hollywood circuit. The question remains what could have happened to this film if Lanthimos had given free rein to the madness and mischief of his first works as Canine o Alps. It might not even have been a better film. What is clear is that poor creatures It is a film like the top of a pine tree and the consecration of what it is and promises to be one of the most influential directors of the coming years.

poor creatures (Yorgos Lanthimos, 2023) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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