Much loved here in Brazil thanks to “Plastic Ashtray”, still a hit on indie dancefloors today, the Scottish band Urusei Yatsura emerged in the early 90s and disappeared after a decade of noisy activity.

Among their illustrious fans was the master John Peel, who took them to his BBC program a few times – as did Steve Lamacq, Peel’s co-worker at the British state company – and thus led the band to get a contract with Ché Records , which put the quartet’s albums on the market.

In 2016, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the debut We are Urusei Yatsura, Rocket Girl compiled some of the Yatsuras’ best passages through the BBC studios and thus was born You are my Urusei Yatsura (BBC Sessions), which is now playing on our virtual record player and shows how American a band from Glasgow can be hahaha. Noisy/dissonant guitars and that lo-fi feel that comes straight from the Pavement/Sonic Youth/Yo La Tengo schools are the hallmark of the 12 songs chosen to compose the collection. Oh, and in addition to the aforementioned “Plastic Ashtray”, there is also the group’s other almost-hit song, “Hello tiger”.

To play, listen to the song and go out doing air guitar ❤


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