The red rooms is a Canadian film that arrived in the official section of the Sitges Festival without having had much appearance in other festivals but having received very good sensations from critics.. What no one expected is that the thriller directed by Pascal Plante would be one of the big surprises of this year.

It’s strange that a movie like The red rooms has been selected by the Sitges festival. Although the contest is quite flexible in terms of the minimum fantasy or horror requirements that films should theoretically have, the case of The red rooms It is special since these elements are practically non-existent. Is about a realistic thriller that follows the obsession of a young model with the trial of Ludovic Chevalier, a criminal accused of having kidnapped, murdered and mutilated three teenagers in addition to having spread the videos in which he did these atrocities to them on the deep web. The reasons that move the protagonist to become so obsessed with this case to the point of sleeping at the courthouse door are diffuse and mysterious. She soon meets another young woman whose obsession with Chevalier is much clearer, she believes that she is innocent and that the world is campaigning to frame her for crimes that she has not committed. The sinister aura of mystery that surrounds the protagonist who, apart from being a model, makes a living in online poker gambling, ends up guiding us through a film where paranoia, morbidity and psychosis play a main role. It is the moment in which these elements are perceived to the point of disturbing the viewer when one realizes that the sensations that the film is giving off are not so far from those that a classic horror film could offer.

The red rooms It is an approximation and fictionalization of the true crime very unique at the same time as a thriller whose main antagonist is born from the disturbing decisions that the protagonist makes throughout the film. Unfortunately the film leaves the festival without any type of recognition in the form of an award. But Nobody is going to take away the feeling of having seen one of the most interesting thrillers of the year, both in its aesthetic and narrative proposal.

The red rooms (Pascal Plante, 2023) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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