Comes from Singapore my favorite band of life in the last week hahaha. The Sobs trio, formed by Celine Autumn, Jared Lim and Raphael Ong sometime around 2017, released an album last year called Air guitar, which obviously caught my attention by name; I ran to listen, I really liked it, but it was his 2018 debut that I fell madly in love with at first listen. behold here Telltale signs.

The disc is almost thematic, narrating the beginning, middle and end of the well-known summer love (who never?). From the happiness of “Vacation” to the sad ending with “Telltale signs”, Celine’s sweet voice sings about the passion that doesn’t go up the mountain (laughs) while Jared and Raphael – accompanied by three other musicians – accurately weave together indie influences 90’s rock and 80’s jangle/new wave.

The result is a cute-yet-melancholy album that you’re sure to recognize a lot of references from. If these factors are an issue, steer clear; otherwise press play and come with me to listen to your new favorite band from last week.

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