It’s time again for Spot on: 5OPHIE. Started with records and haven’t stopped since. Their sound is often reminiscent of the music from the birthplace of techno: Detroit. You can find out what else 50PHIE is all about here.

Been in the Leipzig techno scene for a long time and now about to move to Hamburg: 50PHIE has been actively involved in many Leipzig decks over the last few years. No matter what gig you go to, your record case with the googly eyes is there. In the spot-on interview, she happily explains what it was originally intended for and what is important for 50PHIE when DJing.

Who are you and how did you get into DJing?

Hi, I’m Sophie and I’ve been living in Leipzig for ten and a half years. But actually not for long. From mid-October we go to Hamburg. I’ll study culture and media management for a master’s degree, we’ll see. I’m definitely interested in the city and the scene there. I used to party here in Leipzig, back then in the horse house on the Karl-Heine, which no longer exists. Then electronic music had me, even though I actually come from a more punk and hardcore background. At some point I wanted to do something myself, so I bought a record player and tried it out with a friend.

You see your record case everywhere on Instagram? Has it always been like this?

That’s right, the suitcase. (laughs) Originally it was there to smuggle alcohol into the club. No not at all. I started with the records, but then learned how to DJ with CDJs during an internship at Conne Island. It’s only been a year or two that I’ve been playing vinyl more again. It’s really exciting, I can touch something and it feels really good when you’ve managed to mix something together. Sure, DJing digitally offers you many more options and more time. That’s why I still think both are good to this day.

What do you like to play the most?

I’m really pretty broad. I’m mostly booked for techno, a bit dubby and a bit Detroit-ish. But I also really enjoy playing house and have just gotten into broken music a bit. Greater at peak time, but more chilled out on the ambient floor. So I don’t want to commit myself to that at all.

And where?

I love the ://about blank in Berlin. There’s usually good monitoring, good sound in the booth, so I leave with a good feeling. Since I helped organize the “Drive” series of events at the IFZ and the Weekender at the Island, the clubs have actually become my base. I feel at home there and I really enjoy being there.

And at what time?

Ugh, I can’t even say that. I like the challenge of playing the opening. Then you really have to think about something and build the whole thing nicely. But Peak Time is also extremely fun. I recently played at the Nachti Festival from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. in Ravecave, which was really funny. It’s been over five years since my last closing. Maybe it will soon be time for that again. But I really can’t decide.

Do you have any hang-up rituals?

To be honest, no. Just an incredible amount of smoking from excitement, that’s it.

Have you ever seen anything funny from the desk?

Yes, I once had a “show only, no techno” gig, more for fun. We played all the hits and oldies there. And on “Time of My Life” I was able to watch a lifting figure. It didn’t work 100 percent, but it was extremely funny.

What’s next for you?

The move is imminent, I’m definitely looking forward to the Hamburg scene. I really want to play in the “Pudel” (Update: No sooner said than done, the time has come on October 26th). But I will definitely come to Leipzig and Berlin many more times to play, it just feels like home. I’ve wanted to produce myself for a long time, but at the moment it’s one of my many little hobbies that I would like to delve into, but have never found the time for. At the moment I’m making a living from DJing, which is something I don’t really want to do in the future. I love it too much for that and I don’t want to lose the fun of it. DJing should be something I can buy nice records from and not something I have to pay my rent on.

Party tip

50PHIE’s last drive rave before moving to Hamburg:

Drive @ IfZ // 11:59 p.m
w/ Sol Ortega, Lydia Eisenblätter, Febi, Antr, 50PHIE

Spot on – der Mix

You can listen to a spot-on mix from 50PHIE – a recording of their set at the unhealthy party at about blank.


And here’s a big thank you to Iona Dutz. The images in this Spot-on issue come from her. She tells us how she experienced this shoot here:

“The meeting with Sophie takes place at midday on a hot August day. The clothes literally stick to the bodies. There are only two options for our little photo session: look for the cool shade under the Plagwitz industrial buildings or let your feet sink into the Karl Heine Canal. Sophie went along with both.”


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