On October 11, 1993, exactly 30 years ago, the Tindersticks they released their first and eponymous album and the world came into contact with one of the most intriguing and thought-provoking bands in so-called indie/alternative rock/whatever. I mean, it was officially in contact, as before the group led by singer Stuart Staples had already released three singles (all ‘incorporated’ into the album) and going back even further in time there was Asphalt Ribbons, a kind of embryo of Sticks. But that’s a talk for another day.

Because 3 decades ago, the decadent bar in Nottingham was open – home of the late Andy Fletcher, from Robin Hood (hahaha), from Amusement Parks on Fireof Spotlight Kid etc. – and 90s rock gained more refined tones and denser contours, a dose of pure whiskey amidst the beers (laughs); a band emerged in which the guitars were present without the function of deafening (more laughter).

I don’t even know what my favorite songs are Tindersticks, the disk. The dissonant “Whiskey & water”, “Marble” and its almost spoken word rocker, the cinematic “Tie Dye” and “Paco de Renaldos dream”… are several trips contained in this peculiar, dark and melancholic universe of 21 songs from Sticks’ debut ; In fact, words like peculiar, dark and melancholic continue to describe the band’s sound to this day, and this is called personality. Something for few.


Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/10/11/tindersticks-tindersticks-1993/

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