Last Friday, July 1, Netflix released Volume 2 of Stranger Things 4with two epic episodes that brought with them the great confrontation between our protagonists and the great villain Vecna.

Episodes 8 and 9, which had a total duration of four hours between the two, shocked the entire fandom of Stranger Things, who consumed the episodes like water. The expectation and emotion were so great that Netflix faced some technical problems, as the streamer could not withstand the huge traffic of subscribers streaming the season finale, and “dropped” for a few moments.

And if you are already experiencing withdrawal symptoms, we have great news for you, as Duffer Brothersco-creators of the phenomenon series, have plans to start with the script of Stranger Things 5the series finale, for August this year.

In an interview with Collider, the Duffer brothers explain:

“We’re going to take a little vacation in July,” Ross Duffer said, “and then we’ll be back. I know the writers room is going to start in that first week of August.”

It is important to remind our readers that the Duffers planned the end of Stranger Things in conjunction with the fourth season, that is, both the fourth and fifth seasons were created as one, so you have a clear idea of ​​how to conclude the series. This is what Collider was previously told:

We had all the scripts before we started shooting, so we could see everything as a whole. And we describe all five. So it’s really four and five or like a piece, and this was because of the six month hiatus that we had due to the pandemic.. So normally we don’t have that much time. It usually feels like the train is going down the tracks and Ross and I and our writers are just pulling up the tracks as we go, once we’re halfway through the season. And for the first time, we were able to see it globally, not only the fourth season, but also the fifth [temporada].”

Waiting for the start of production, we can marathon over and over again Stranger Things. You can find all four seasons on Netflix.


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