Another unidentified musical object coming from the eternally burning well of early post-punk, Suspect is a half-Dutch, half-German quartet that only lasted 3 years and two albums and after the end gave rise to Schlaflose Nächte, about the which I will write a few lines one of these days.

Above suspicion, the first album by the Amsterdam suspects is one of those hybrid things born in the late 70s/early 80s that escape the square often associated with the sub-genre popularized by Joy Division, Cure and co. Here there are dub and industrial seeds, disco and punk, spoken word and shouting, darkness and dissonance, all mixed under a kitchen that holds (or tries to hold hahaha) the crooked tempo of the nine tracks.

It won't change your life – or maybe it will, you know – but it serves as yet another example that post-punk isn't limited to English bands or what the spotifalho algorithm suggests.

Safe trip!


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