No, Hunger for a way out It’s still not a little lost classic. For now, it’s just a little lost, but you can bet it will be a full PCP in a few years.

The debut album by the Boston duo Sweeping Promises is yet another (laughs) recent find, discovered during the long winter of pandemic confinement, and guys, it’s an absurd good record. Raw, lo-fi and absurdly 80’s, it’s post-punk/new wave as accurate as not all albums from the ‘original’ crop managed to be.

The jumping bass, the dry and angular guitar, the sporadic synthesizers and the lilting rhythm, it’s all in the 10 songs on the disc; and to close this recipe there is the urgent and peculiar voice of Lira Mondal. It will remind you of a lot of things, but at no time does it sound like pastiche, and once you hit play on the title track, you won’t be able to stop listening until the album is over. I assure you.

Listen on the stalk!

11 nov 2022 em alternative, indie, lo-fi, new wave, post-punk, rock. Tags:2020, sweeping promises


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