Over the past decade and a half, New Zealander Tamaryn Brown has been asserting herself and reaffirming herself as the great revitalizer of dream pop born in the 80s and duly grounded by the Cocteau Twins.

Of The wavestheir first full album released in 2010 until Dreamin in the darkfrom 2019, the girl – always accompanied by guitarist Rex John Shelverton – shapes the music of her dreams to her will, incorporating influences ranging from synth pop to industrial without losing the dreamlike thread that connects one album to another.

All of his works are remarkable, but today I chose my favorite to serve as a Sunday soundtrack and play on the PCP’s virtual record player: Tender new signs is Tamaryn’s second album, released ten years ago via Mexican Summer and still capable of taking my breath away.

Still without the electronic elements that permeate the next two albums, here the duo refined the existing magical chemistry between them to deliver treasures such as “While you’re sleeping, I’m dreaming” and “Prizma”, citing just two of the nine songs that make up the package. To make a comparison, in a different sphere this chemistry between voice and guitar is the same as Hope Sandoval e David Roback it is clear, Liz Fraser e Robin Guthrie.

With that said, turn up the volume, press play on “I’m gone” and have a beautiful, sweeping journey!

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