As soon as the club doors open after two years of pandemic, the workshop series for producers returns to the Institut fuer Zukunft. We have all the information to start.

Electronic music, whether experimental or for the club stage, is often produced at home or in studios. Many producers do not have the opportunity to listen to their sound on a club system and, not only in Corona times, often do not have the opportunity for an exchange that goes beyond their own bubble.

To close this gap, to discuss the latest tricks and updates with each other, to listen to music together, to ask for advice and to show other producers the tracks they have composed themselves, that is why there was and is the Ableton workshop in the Institute for the Future in Leipzig.

After a long break (we all know why), the makers are back. And with a new concept that includes a live performance and subsequent listening to music.

Am April 7, 2022 from 7 p.m (Admission, start of the performance at 8 p.m.) everyone who is interested, from basic to advanced skills, is invited to Trakt I in the IfZ. 2G+!

All information about the workshop, the new concept and the open call for producers (which does not only apply to this event!) can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

PS: If you would like to listen to your tracks on the club grounds during the workshop at the IfZ, sign up for this list or write a message via Instagram. Five places are still available! (Status: March 31, 2022; 4:30 p.m.)


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