When someone asks about underrated movies that deserve to be seen by a much wider audience, the sci-fi thriller Coherence always comes to mind. And perhaps the news that it will have a sequel after a decade of its original release will do exactly that.

Director James Ward Byrkit together with the producer Kate Andrews (It’s What’s Inside) are working on developing the sequel, with Byrkit reprising his role as writer and director. Byrkit will co-write the script with his co-writer Alex Manugian from the original film.

Byrkit directed, co-wrote and executive produced the critically acclaimed 2013 film.

Deadline reveals that, “Plot details are being kept under lock and key, including whether the new film will be a prequel, a sequel, or a completely different story.”

Andrews will produce under Boldly Go Productions. At Sundance this year, the company sold its It's What's Inside project to Netflix for $17 million. Stephen Belden will be another of the executive producers.

The original 2013 film, starring Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, Nicholas Brendon and more, watches as “Eight friends at a dinner party experience a disturbing chain of reality-altering events when a comet passes by, unraveling hidden truths and testing their understanding of reality.”

Coherence marked Byrkit's directorial debut, premiering at Fantastic Fest before moving on to distribution through Oscilloscope Laboratories. Con a famous micro budget of just $50,000 dollars, has been mentioned in numerous Top Ten such as one of the best mind-blowing sci-fi thrillers of the 21st century and has gained cult status in recent years.

Byrkit explained to Deadline:

“I've been inundated with proposals for sequels and offers for remakes since the film came out, but nothing inspired us until Kate Andrews emailed me with two words that opened the box. “So either Kate is a genius or she comes from a parallel reality where Alex and I already wrote this and she is pitching us our own movie.”

If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy this gem of independent cinema and science fiction, or want to see it again, You find it available on Prime Video.

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