Another one of those absolutely unknown bands that everyone should know about, Particles was born in the late 70s in the same Australia and in the same scene that brought Saints to the world, among others. Formed by vocalist Astrid Spielman, guitarist Peter Williams and featuring guest musicians, the short-lived band only recorded three singles but left its mark on music as one of the bridges between seventies punk and the indie that would flourish in the following decade.

1980s Bubblegum, released in 2023, compiles the group's records and attests by A + B to the statement made in the paragraph above. Songs like “Apricot's dream”, “Trumpet song” and “Observations”, for example, are true hidden treasures of guitar post-punk that would influence sub-genres of alt rock such as twee pop and the ever-in-vogue C-86.

If you like Television Personalities, Dolly Mixture and Marine Girls, to name a few related bands, turn up the volume, press play below and discover Particles. We highly recommend it!


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