Part of an almost unknown but effervescent new Australian punk scene, Low Life emerged as a trio in 2010 and from their first record already that same year, it was clear that ‘punk’ for them had more to do with attitude than with a musical genre. .

They were (and are) politicized, they were (and are) edgy, they were (and are) fully immersed in the do-it-yourself culture, but their thing has always been to push the sonic boundaries of punk rock and hardcore in darker directions and, hmmm, complex.

This trend became evident when Dogging – his first full album, from 2016 – to his second, Downer edn, from 2019, became a quintet. Synthesizers, layers of effects and (in general, but not always) a slower cadence came into play, and in 2021 they arrived at their most recent release, From squats to lots: the agony and xtc of Low Life.

The text about the album on the guys’ Bandcamp is long, full of irony, sarcasm and very well written. It brings references ranging from Iguana’s first solo albums and Low from Bowie, influences for them and all the post-punks in the universe since the world began, to the idea that the record is something as if Poison Idea had the money and studio time of the Happy Mondays (laughs). They also say not to think about shoegaze when pressing play on From squatseven if several of their songs are textured and sound almost…shoegaze.

But the most important point mentioned by them: this is not an album for indie kids; it’s about the many growing pains, decay, drug use and rehab, death, betrayal, state violence and, despite it all, staying on your feet. About resilience and endurance. Musically it’s post-punk, in essence it’s punk. In short, a FUCK album!

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