The director’s movie Nikolaj Arcel, The bastard (The promised land)selected in the Official Selection for the competition of the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, will arrive in Spain at the end of 2023from the hand of Divisa Red.

The film, produced by Zentropa, is directed by Nikolaj Arcel, the renowned director of ‘A real affair’, who on this occasion meets with one of the essential actors of current and Danish cinema, Mads Mikkelsen.

The bastard (The promised land) is written by Arcel and Danish writer-director Anders Thomas Jensen (‘Riders of Justice’) and is based on the 2020 Danish bestseller ‘Kaptajnen og Ann Barbara’ (translated as ‘The Captain and Ann Barbara’). Produced by Louise Vesth (‘The kingdom: exodus’) for Zentropa Entertainments.

Director Nikolaj Arcel explains what its Venice premiere means: “When I was just ten years old, my father took me to see his favorite film, Visconti’s Death in Venice. While he had no idea what the movie was about at the time, he was completely transfixed throughout the entire runtime. That experience cemented two things for me, at a very young age: my love affair with Italian cinema and my lifelong relationship with the city of Venice. It is hard for me to express how honored and delighted I am that The Bastard has been selected for the main competition of the 80th Biennale and I look forward to being in the company of filmmakers I deeply admire, in my favorite city on the planet.”.

The bastard (The promised land): synopsis

Century XVIII. Danish King Frederik V declares that the wild wastelands of Jutland should be settled and cultivated so that civilization could spread and generate new taxes for the Royal House. However, no one dares to follow the king’s decree.

That land means death: a place filled with hungry wolves and punished by a brutal and unforgiving nature. But in the late summer of 1755, a lone soldier named Ludvig Kahlen decides that these wastelands would bring him the wealth and honor he had always wanted.

Inspired by real events, The bastard (The promised land) is a gripping drama about the conquest of the wasteland, the story of a proud and uncompromising man, and the woman who becomes his ally in the fight against evil, death and the doom.


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