Booster Gold it was one of several projects that James Gunn and Peter Safran announced as part of their lineup of movies and TV shows. Booster Gold is a fun and fascinating characterand a film project that has been in and out of the studio for years.

Finally, will become a series under the direction of James Gunn, who has stated in this regard:

“It’s an absolute fan favorite. It’s about a loser from the future who uses basic technology from the future to go back to the present day and pretend to be a superhero. It’s a show like every other show on HBO Max.”

He added: “Think of her basically as the story of a superhero imposter syndromeAnd how do you deal with it? How do you try to use this technology of the future to be liked by the people of today? And what is really the basis of that and is it a character study. That it’s going to be a very different kind of showand we’re talking to an actor about this right now, and I think it’s going to happen.”

During a recent interview with CB, Seann William Scott (American Pie, Becky’s Wrath) shared that would love to take on the role of Booster Gold for DC Studios, as it’s a role he sees himself fitting into. When asked about the possibility of starring in a comic book movie, he said:

“I definitely would. I’d love to. I think it would be fun to do a comic book movie. I think that the first character that came to mind was Booster Gold, it could be a lot of fun, but I think I’m too old for that… I don’t know if it’s supposed to be younger, but that character, I was like ‘That I could.’ I don’t remember how old he was, but he was like ‘That’s a great character’“.

He went on to say, “Come on, James Gunn! Let’s go!” I imagine Scott in the role of Booster Gold. I doubt it will happen though, as Gunn wants the character to be younger.

Would you like to see Seann William Scott playing Booster Gold in the DC Universe?


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