There was a time in my silly life, at some point in my adolescence, when I rejected several bands from the post-punk universe that shaped my character so much. I was immersed in other trips and I thought – you see – to get everything out of the musical underworld (hysterical laughter), so groups that I considered very popular, that had songs playing on the radio, no longer interested me.

On this ride I got booed by people like, among others, Smiths, Echo and The Bunnymen, Simple Minds, The Mission (ok, the bode continues from the last two hahaha) and The Church. The Church, people, one of the most wonderful things that ever trod this wasteland and round, authors of “Under the milk way”, most likely the cause of our separation.

But time is wise and over the years, with my brains in place, reconciliation came. I decided to distance myself from the reason for the breakup, I left the sensational Starfish aside and dove deep into the Australians’ previous discography, to rekindle the flame of passion (lol) that started with “Reptile”.

That said, and having listened many times to everything Church released before and after 1988 (their last album, The Hypnogogue, came out a little while ago and it’s great), I could choose any of his records to play around here now. Without thinking too much, I decided to Heydayfrom 1985 and predecessor of the aforementioned Starfish.

I don’t remember there being hits here, but I know that in the guys’ extensive career it’s a favorite of many people, including its own creators. Perhaps because it was the first album by the quartet made more collectively, with Steve Kilbey sharing the compositions with his band partners, perhaps because Steve himself was clean and thus finally showing his potential as a singer, perhaps because of the presence of strings and brass in the psychedelic/post-punk formula of the group’s songs – a formula that always reminds me of the Paisley Underground –, well, maybe simply because they have great songs like “Myrrh”, “Tantalized” or “Roman”, it doesn’t matter.

Com Heyday the Church paved the way that two and a half years later would lead them to the success that drove us away. But as life taught me on the spot, time doesn’t erase true love ❤

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