If you are a fan of the film saga of John Wickprepare for a television experience that will take you straight to the heart of this famous assassin’s universe. “The Continental” is the prequel series everyone has been waiting for, and today we’ll take you on a journey through what makes this series so special. But first, a quick dive into the John Wick universe, a world that has captured the imagination of millions of viewers.

The John Wick Universe

Before delving into the series, it is essential to understand the universe in which it is located. John Wick is a saga that revolutionized the action genre, introducing an underground world of assassins, unwritten rules and a rich and complex mythology. At the center of everything is thehotel Continental, a neutral place where weapons are banned and criminals can find a moment of peace. This hotel is more than just a rental; he is a character in his own right, a fulcrum around which the entire mythology revolves.


Imagine being catapulted into 1970s New York, a time of great cultural ferment, but also of darkness and danger. This is where “The Continental” places its roots, exploring the origins of the Continental hotel. The setting is a character in its own right, full of details that will make you feel like you’re really there. The historical context adds an additional layer of complexity, allowing the series to explore themes such as corruption, crime and the struggle for power in a rapidly evolving city.

Trama The Continental

The series is structured into three gripping episodes that follow the story of a young Winston Scott. Winston is an enigmatic character who is drawn into New York’s criminal landscape as he tries to take control of the Continental hotel. But the path to power is littered with danger and intrigue, and Winston will have to deal with a past that he thought he had left behind. The plot intertwines with the larger mythology of the John Wick universe, offering insights into how the hotel’s rules and traditions came to be.


In addition to Winston, the series introduces a range of new and fascinating characters. One of the most notable is Cormac, a crime boss who represents a true force of nature. But it’s not just the bad guys who steal the show; There are also new allies and enemies that add depth and complexity to the story. Each character is well developed and helps make the plot compelling. The series also references familiar characters and organizations, such as the Great Table, offering a new perspective on these key elements.

The Continental: where to see it

If you’re already intrigued by what you’ve read so far, you’ll be happy to know that “The Continental” is available on Prime Video. So, he makes some popcorn and make yourself comfortable, because once you start watching, you won’t want to stop.

Trailer The Continental


“The Continental” is a series that not only expands the John Wick universe but does so in a masterful way. With a gripping plot, memorable characters, and a setting that transports you to another time and place, this series is a must-see for any fan of the original saga. Don’t miss it, and prepare to immerse yourself in a world where every detail is a piece of a much larger puzzle.

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