I believe I met the Dandy Warhols like most mortals: through “Not if you were the last junkie on earth”, semi-hit from the disc The Dandy Warhols come down, from 97. Those who jumped to find out about music at the time didn’t have many sources, but they found a way. I found out (I can’t remember how or where, maybe in the Illustrated, maybe in the Garage) that they were from Portland, that they were level 5 freaks, and that they were friends with Anton Newcombe. Okay, I became a fan. Newcombe’s friend is my friend, even with the beef between him and Courtney Taylor, lead singer of the Warhols. Anyway.

I took off a copy of the aforementioned album by the guys, a few years later I downloaded the next disc (the little classic Thirteen tales from urban boemia), and then with fast internet I went after their debut, which I hadn’t heard until then. There I really understood why they talked so much about Velvet Underground as an influence of the Dandys, I learned that that sarrista humor came from the beginning of the band – in tracks with titles like “Lou weed”, “The coffee and tea wrecks” and “Grunge Betty” -, which were much louder and psychedelic in 95 and that, yes, sounded like the more stoned Yankee version of Britpop. from then on Dandies rule ok? became my favorite album of the albums I’ve listened to from his already long and uneven discography.

If you don’t know or were never interested in pre-1997 Dandy Warhols, turn up the volume, skip ahead to 16 minutes of “It’s a fast-driving rave-up with the Dandy Warhols sixteen minutes” and have a nice trip!

22 set 2022 em alternative, indie, psychedelic, rock, shoegaze.

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