Less remembered than their fellow countrymen Belle and Sebastian and Mogwai, Delgados are as important, if not more, to the Scottish indie scene of the 90s than their aforementioned peers, because in addition to the albums they released and the shows they performed while they were active, they helped boost the alternative tour in Glasgow with his label Chemikal Underground, which in addition to the band’s own work also put on the market, among others, the first records by Arab Strap, Bis and Mogwai himself (the classic Young team).

The quartet emerged in 1994, and it was at the turn of the century that they achieved greater recognition with a more polished sound, rich in textures and, using a word that I don’t like very much, complex (see The great eastern, from the year 2000), it is precisely the beginning of their career that I like most, when they were still noisier, lo-fi and less ‘sophisticated’ hahaha. For these and other reasons, the album that plays now on our virtual record player is their first, Domestics97.

Simple guitar rock without many inventions are the basis of the 14 songs present here, divided into a lean 40 minutes. There are quieter moments like “Leaning on a Cam” and “Smaller Mammals”, but the feel of the album (to my ears, of course) is the balance between punch and Pavement-like flair) – to use a contemporary Yankee reference to them. – with the advantage of having Emma Pollock to share the vocals with Alun Woodward, one of Delgados’ highlights.

Having said these few words, turn up the volume and remember with me this little lost classic of 90s indie rock ❤️

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/11/23/the-delgados-domestiques-1997/

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