In 2005, one year after the passing of the giant John Peel, Castle Music released a box with 6 CDs containing simply ALL THE PASSAGES of the eternal Mark E Smith and his The Fall by the program of our late professor.

It’s fuckin’ 7 and a half hours of music, 97 songs recorded in Maida Valley between 1978 and 2004, with all the possible and imaginable stages and formations of Fall, having (obviously and invariably) at the forefront the foul-mouthed, fucking crazy and genius Markão Silva .

There are two sessions in 1978, one in 1980, two in 81, one in 83 and another in 84, two more in 85, then one per year until 1993; two in 94 followed by one in 95 and another in 96 and two in 98. Then a five-year hiatus, until the last two came, in 2003 and 2004.

I don’t know which one is my favorite, the “might Fall” – as master Peel once called them – is too cool, but their session in 1980 takes me by the heart. However, I haven’t reached the end of this saga yet, so I’m still listening from here and you from there, since a good soul uploaded the whole damn thing to youtube (no, it’s not on spotifail).

That said, turn up the volume and listen to the stalk, the stuff here is crazy!


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