The incredible life and legacy of civil rights icon and union leader, Dolores Huertawill be made into a film with a biopic of the director Gregory Nava (Selena, The North).

Nava will direct, write and produce the feature film. This last work as producer will be shared with Bárbara Martínez (Selena, Bordertown, American Family), according to reports from Variety.

For those unfamiliar with Huerta, who turned 94 just last week, she is a renowned American labor leader and civil rights activist who co-founded the United Farm Workers Union with Cesar Chavez. Have you heard the famous war cry “If possible”? She is the creator of it.

Huerta has received numerous awards, including the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award from President Clinton in 1998 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama in 2012. Her work continues today as she advocates for the working poor, women and children through from her Dolores Huerta Foundation.

The biopic will dramatize Huerta's life for the first time, offering a multifaceted portrait of a woman who became a movement leader, political activist, mother of 11 children and dedicated environmentalist.

The plot will tackle other historical figures such as Robert F. Kennedy, Cesar Chavez, Fred Ross, Coretta Scott King, Gloria Steinem, and Richard Chavez.

Regarding the film project, Huerta shares in an official statement:

As our country faces very difficult times, now is the time to tell my story. I've spent a year sharing intimate, never-before-revealed details of my life's journey with filmmakers Gregory Nava and Bárbara Martínez, who I am delighted to have telling the untold story of my life. Gregory Nava has made classic films that are the most authentic and impactful of our American Latino experience. It is my hope that people watch this film and find inspiration to realize their own unlimited power. If possible!”

The source reveals that Nava and Martínez conducted more than 70 hours of exclusive interviews where Huerta divulged unpublished details about his life. “A multitude of filmmakers had approached Huerta to acquire the rights to his life and, finally, he chose Nava and Martínez, who have had a decades-long relationship with his family.”

Nava joins the statements saying:

“Dolores Huerta is like an earthquake that shook this country. She broke all racial and gender barriers to become one of the great labor and civil rights leaders of our time. For more than five decades, she has shaped and participated in some of the most defining moments in our nation's history and inspired millions with her rallying cry of 'Si se puede!' “Dolores’ story is an epic American saga and we are deeply honored that she chose us to tell it.”

Martínez adds:

“Dolores Huerta gave us hope, a warrior who fought to make our world a better place. Her bravery paved the way for Latinas, women, and all Americans. Her story made history and needs to be told now more than ever.”

Jeff Berg of Northside Services will handle global financing and distribution.


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