Maybe, just maybe, you, dear reader, are unaware of the girls from Chin Chin, a band formed in Switzerland in 1982 and maybe, just maybe, you are unaware of them precisely because they appeared there. I explain.

If Karin, Esther and Marie-Anne had been born in the United Kingdom, the birthplace of C-86 and its musical surroundings, it is likely that they would have been side by side with PastelsShop Assistants and so on, or rather on a tour with the Television Personalities, but geography separated 'the only Swiss female punk band' (correct me if I'm wrong) from these contemporaries. And as those who are not seen are not remembered…

But that doesn't stop Sound of the west waythe first album full of Chin Chin released in 1985, is as badass as any album by the aforementioned bands or others equally influential for the indie rock with an equally noisy and melodic vein that flourished in the following years, the so-called noise pop.

The references here range from the Ramones to 1960s girl groups, with short songs based on distorted guitars and vocal harmonies. The version of the album shared below is accompanied by the singles We don’t wanna be prisionersfrom 1984 (when they tried to be a quartet with vocalist Carol, who jumped ship shortly after the release of the 7″) and Stop! Your crying12″ released in 1986.

Find it out. Or rediscover. But anyway, listen up!


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