In 1994, still in the hangover and touring the essentials Honeys dead/arriving in calm Stoned and dethronedos Mary Chain they passed through France and between some bottles of wine and baguettes (pejorative laughs) they passed through France Inter radio, more specifically by the program C’est Lenoir – by Bernard Lenoir – and there they played 15 songs.

Many years later (2009? 2012? Who cares?) this presentation became a bootleg/CDr marketed as Black Sessions, and it is this record that now spins on our virtual record player.

Further explanations become absolutely unnecessary when you press play and start “Snakedriver”; even with some technical flaws (I can imagine the general dread of the radio employees when the distortions and microphones started) the set presented by Reid and co. erases any small flaws, and the ending with “Reverence”, “Sidewalking” and “Kill surf city” brings the Bastille down for good.

Hear it out loud!


Head On
Dirty Water
Come On
Teenage Lust
Ghost Of A Smile
Far Gone And Out
Save Me
Everybody I Know
Kill Surf City

5 maio 2022 em alternative, indie, live recording, noise, post-punk, rock. Tags:1994, complete black sessions, the jesus and mary chain


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