The Kiss Inside is a kinetic meditation on the search for ecstasy in our human culture. Religion, sex, drugs, extreme physical exertion, sado-masochism and of course dance itself are all explored in this new work by acclaimed New Zealand choreographer and dance laureate Douglas Wright.

The first full-length work since Wright’s acclaimed raptThe Kiss Inside is a succulent work in the surreal dance language for which Wright has become renowned. In it, Wright digs deeply into the workings of the human psyche and lays bare motive and outcome in startling provocative images and exquisite and sometimes frenzied movement.

With a soundtrack including classical Sufi music, Patti Smith and J.S Bach, the dance will be performed by five dancers – Sarah Jayne Howard, Tara Soh, Luke Hanna, Craig Bary and Simone Lapka.

This is a unique opportunity to experience dance theatre at its most potent, challenging and mysterious.

The Kiss Inside is full of little shocks as if touching a live wire by accident. Contains nudity. Approach with caution.

The Kiss Inside is commissioned by New Zealand Festival

“explosive, lyrical and distinctively Wright’s own” – NZ Herald (rapt)

“an important work in divining and inspiring a New Zealand culture” – National Business Review (rapt)

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