When last year I put eyes and ears on the video of “So hot!”collaboration between the French Liminanas and Laurent Garnier (with vocals by Edi Pistolas), I went crazy. What was that, that mixture, that surreal lyrics in Spanish, that meeting between one of the most badass bands in the psych scene and one of the popes of techno?

As in 2021 the blog went into an induced coma with one or another brief awakening, the disc on which the heated track is not played here, but now with the PCP already fully restored and active, the story is another. Ladies and gentlemen, with you from movie.

The collaborative album with 12 tracks narrates the trip of young Saul and Juliette through a universe that goes from cinema noir and psychedelia/garage from the 1990s to the pastilled clubs of the nineties without separating the story into ‘Limiñanas songs’ and ‘Garnier songs’. In the most track moments, for example in the aforementioned “Que calor!”, Farfisa screams giving the retro air; when it’s more retro, as in “Juliette”, there are the beats and electronic interference calling for the 21st century. You can call it perfect French symbiosis.

I don’t know if Marie, Lionel and Laurent will work together again. For now I recommend turning up the volume and embarking on this lysergic journey between Paris in 1968 and the Rex club in 1996. Bon voyage!

26 out 2022 em alternative, crossover, dance music, garage rock, indie, psychedelic, rock, techno. Tags:2021, laurent garnier, the liminanas

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2022/10/26/the-liminanas-laurent-garnier-de-pelicula-2021/

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