Middle Aged Delinquents (sensational name, by the way) is one of the many projects/nicknames of Marco Butcher, who in other lives was Marquinhos do Pin Ups and one of the three members of the Butchers Orchestra.

The guy has lived in North Carolina for a decade, runs Boombox – his recording studio – and his material continues to come out of there, whether under his own name or in countless partnerships; the middle-aged delinquents is one of these, alongside Marina Bram, who writes the lyrics and sings while the butcher takes part in the instruments.

Agenda is one of the duo's works released in 2021, and the easiest way to label it as experimental, because what they do in the 10 songs on the album is this: experiment. Almost industrial samples and electronics, distorted grooves and blues, lyrics in German, sexy and dark indecipherable whispers, cover of New buildings and so many other trips mixed together that in the end could be bad, but they aren't. If you need a reference you can use the Royal Truxbut remember that I'm not the best person in this regard hahaha.

Listen to the stalk!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2024/05/22/the-middle-aged-delinquents-agenda-2021/

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