I could be completely wrong and talking shit as big as the one that occupies the chair of the presidency in Brasilia, but nothing takes my mind that this album is directly responsible for the flood of bands that from the mid-90s onwards decided to play garage rock.

Never been caughtfrom 92, is the first of two albums by the Californians Mummies, and as far as I know (which is not much, actually) the only one released while the band was still active, because soon after its release the mummies left each one to a sarcophagus (bad joke, I know).

Anyway, this album is pure abrasiveness and raw power, it’s garage elevated to punk power with reinterpretations of classics of the genre that made rock definitely dangerous; is the perfect soundtrack for delinquent and/or wild acts, made to be consumed at maximum volume under the influence of stimulants.

I can only imagine what it was like to see four crazies playing that bandaged from head to toe. Oh, the 90’s…


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