This morning it was announced that Peacock has officially ordered the new comedy mockumental to become a series. Greg Daniels y Michael Koman. The new series will be set in the same universe as The Officethe popular sitcom co-created by Daniels.

The officialization by Peacock comes after many twists and turns about Daniels' plans to launch a new series. Last November, Daniels stated that he was interested in making a series within the same universe of The Officebut not a reboot of it.

This is how the streaming service finally gives official green light for this new comedy series from the universe of The Office, which in recent days announced the first signings for the project. is about Domhnall Gleeson (The Patient, About Time) y Sabrina Impacciatore (The White Lotus), without details about their roles at the moment.

Peacock's announcement also provides the first details of the show's premise:

“In the new series, the documentary team that immortalized the Dunder Mifflin branch in Scranton is searching for a new subject when they discover a dying historic Midwestern newspaper and the editor tries to revive it with volunteer reporters.”

Filming will begin in July. Right now they are in the casting process, with the aim of finding the office staff and probably one more lead character.

In recent months, Daniels opened a development room to explore ideas for a sequel series to The Office. The new series is not a reboot, it will take place in a new office with new characters, but it will live in the same world as the mockumentary series starring Steve Carell.

The sitcom, still unofficially titled, has Daniels and Koman as executive producers, along with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Howard Klein, Ben Silverman, and Banijay Americas. Universal Television is the production company.

Lisa Katz, president of NBCUniversal Entertainment, said in a press release (via Deadline):

“It's been more than ten years since the final episode of The Office aired on NBC, and the acclaimed comedy series continues to gain popularity and generate new generations of fans on Peacock. In association with Universal Television and led by the creative team at Greg Daniels and Michael Koman, This new series set in the Dunder Mifflin universe features a new cast of characters in a fresh environment conducive to comedic storytelling: a newspaper.

The Office, adapted for American audiences by Daniels based on its British namesake by Gervais and Merchant, revolves around the daily lives of employees of the fictional Scranton-based paper company Dunder Mifflin. The series is a scripted fiction, however, it is considered a mockumentary or mockumentary, since the actors notice the presence of the cameras. It aired on NBC for nine seasons starting in 2005, concluding in 2013.


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