Maybe you’ve never heard of the Sea Urchins, but you certainly know the seminal Sarah Records (if not, go study hahaha). The thing is that the history of both is closely linked, since the first release of the Bristol socialist label was precisely “Pristine Christine”, by the aforementioned sea urchins. If that’s not reason enough for them to be here at PCP, I don’t know what is.

Stardustreleased in 1992, compiles the bunch of singles that the band released since their formation there in 1986 until their dissolution in 1991. As they don’t have an official full album – with the exception of a live one – this ends up being the only record of the guys with more than three songs (laughs).

Twee pop of the good ones straight from the original source of C-86 to rock this cold Thursday night. Turn up the volume and discover or rediscover this lost little classic.


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