In 2018, Quibi was founded, a streaming service whose specialty was short-term projects that could be enjoyed from mobile devices, officially launching in 2020. Some of its original series include #FreeRayshawn, Dummy, Survive, Most Dangerous Game, 50 States of Fright (by Sam Raimi), and The Stranger of Veena Sud.

It is precisely this last series that has found new life in another house. Hulu has reissued The Stranger de Sud, and has turned it into a feature film which will be available on said streamer starting April 15, 2024.

Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Watcher, Longlegs), Dane DeHaan (Oppenheimer, The Staircase), Avan Jogi (Victorious, Now Apocalypse) make up the main cast.

Sud has written and directed other small screen projects such as Seven Seconds, The  Killingand the movies The Salton Seay The Lie.


“New to Los Angeles, rideshare driver Clare (Maika Monroe) picks up Carl (Dane DeHaan) from a house deep in the Hollywood Hills. What begins as a routine trip turns into Clare's worst nightmare: a twelve-hour fight for survival in the seediest part of the city. “Carl is not the passenger Clare thought he was and Clare is no pushover.”

In a new press release, Sud comments the following (via Bloody Disgusting):

“For artists and creatives in the industry, the right to own their work has been a decades-long struggle. From the creation of United Artists in 1919, to Paul Newman, Barbra Streisand and Sidney Poitier founding First Artists in 1969, and Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas founding American Zoetrope, artists have struggled to find ways to navigate this industry while maintaining copyright ownership and creative integrity. Copyright ownership allows the artist to continue defending projects that we have poured our blood, sweat and tears into when others, such as studios and distributors, have moved on. It keeps the work alive in the face of a “market” that focuses on making as much money as possible and sacrificing quality artistic storytelling. “That is my job as an artist, as all artists know, to fight for the life of my work.”

“So when Jeffrey Katzenberg offered copyright ownership as one of the perks of making a Quibi TV series with The Stranger, I couldn't resist. At that time, Quibi allowed artists to co-own the copyright in our work, and this right (which I was unable to obtain for any of my other projects) has allowed me the freedom to “self-distribute” in line with filmmakers. independents and advocate to find alternative ways to show my television series. Filmmakers and creators who are able to tell stories that may not survive in a fickle market must have alternative ways to disseminate our work in a world that is hungry for it. And the world is hungry for good material.”

“I didn't let The Killing die, even when they tried to kill him twice. I bring that same determination and perseverance to The Stranger. Even though Quibi's brave and cool experiment didn't work out, I know it's important to get my movie out there. It's a story about righteous female rage and revenge in this current time when we, as women, have a lot to be angry about. A story appropriate for today's world.”

So here I am today featuring my creation, my own work, in a newly re-released feature film: The Stranger, premiering April 15, exclusively on Hulu.”


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