In the late 90’s/early 2000’s UK garage got an upgrade, getting closer to rap and street trickery and thus was born another of the many sub-genres of electronic music, grime.

The scene was headed by names like Audio Bullys, Dizzee Rascal and The Streets, the latter nickname of rapper Mike Skinner, and today we remember here Original pirate material, Skinner’s first full album. Why? Follow the wire, which is short…

Firstly, because the album is great, representing like few others what the gringos call streetwise – the trickery of the streets mentioned at the beginning of this short text – and because it is the perfect marriage between the break for the dance floor and the rhyming messages. To shake and think (attention to the lyrics, young padawan…).

Second, because in my opinion, Streets and its Original pirate material are the imaginary bridge that connects Mark E Smith, Shaun Ryder and Jason Williamson. It may seem like a trip, but Mike Skinner’s verbiage and ability to capture the spirit of his time – in addition, of course, to his Cockney accent – ​​remind me of Fall, Happy Mondays (and a lot of Black Grape, obviously) and without them ( again, from my point of view) there would be no Sleaford Mods, one of the coolest charts in current music.

I think I’ve already given enough reasons to (re)discover this record, no? Listen on the stalk!

Or in the fuck do spotifalho


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