Sundae Painters is the current project/band of Hamish Kilgour, who in 78 founded alongside his brother David the seminal The Clean and helped give shape and face to Flying Nun Records and Dunedin Sound that marked and changed New Zealand music from the end of that decade onwards.

Here the guy brought together other figures from the independent scene there – Alec Bathgate (The Enemy, Toy Love, Tall Dwarfs), Paul Kean (Toy Love, The Bats) and Kaye Woodward (The Bats) – to record some psychedelic-noisy freakouts and In a jam session atmosphere, the quartet's first and eponymous album was released in November last year, released by Leather Jacket.

The influence of Velvet Underground scream loudly in all 8 songs Sundae painters, so if you're the type who thinks they're overrated, it's better not to start listening to this album; As said indirectly in the previous paragraph, the footprint here is one of experimentation/controlled chaos, in an almost Boston tea party.

Without further ado, I say goodbye. Listen to the stalk!


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